Hello to my fellow bloggers, Today I want to talk about some money making sites. There are various sites on internet which are called PTC sites or Pay-to-Click sites.
earn money with PTC sites
PTC is an abbreviation or short-form of Paid To Click. PTC sites are sites which pay you for clicking certain ads to improve their alexa ranking,generate leads,make sales or simply for gaining members to their websites. PTC sites are sites that pay you every time you click and watch an advertisement, usually ranging from 5 seconds to 2 minutes, and they pay anywhere from $0.001 to $0.02 per click. And Yes this is a very low amount.

Despite the small earnings, some PTC websites have very sophisticated referral systems that pay quite handsomely, often around $0.01 per referral click.
That means if you can refer 1000 people and each of them clicked 1 ad a day, you would be earning a $10.00 on a daily basis.
Of course the main challenge is getting to that point.
In the world of PTC there are a whole lot of scam sites out there that are just trying to rob you of your time and money, but there are a few gems out there that I highly recommend you join.

How to find good paying PTC sites?

When i started joining PTC sites,i started to click at sites with high click rates and failed every almost every time.Also i had lost my own money , by investing in upgrades on risky PTC sites and then loosing it when the sites would close down.

But later as i gained experience in this field,i learned some bitter truth about ptc industry.
After my 6+ years of experience i have found some very best PTC sites for Earning money online.

These sites are best when you are thinking of investing some money and time. Because you certainly will get profit against your money. And you can take this as 100% guaranteed. As I am also making money with these sites.

I recommend everybody to join these sites, these sites are the best and you will get good profits from these sites. You just have to invest some money to go premium and the rest of the work will be done by referrals. See the details in these links for making money with referrals in PTC sites. 
Now, let's join some Best PTC Sites. You can also join for free if you do not want to upgrade.

How to Make Income from PTC Sites

In order to be successful with Neobux, you have to be very organized, consistent, and patient.

Neobux is a very unique website in that you can earn thousands of dollars without recruiting a single referral. The way it works is that you spend your advertisement clicking money (or any money that you decide to invest) into renting referrals for a set amount of time.

These rented referrals work exactly like direct referrals, except that they expire after 30 or more days.
These rented referrals act like real direct referrals, except after a while they expire, unless you decide to renew them.

This makes Neobux not only one of the most unique PTC websites out there, but also highly lucrative if done correctly. Can you imagine renting 6000 active referrals, and each active referral earns you $0.02 every day?
You’ll be making $120 on a daily basis! 

That is pretty good actually, So what are you waiting for. Let's join some Best PTC Sites.Its free!

Does this sound interesting to you? Why not join me?

You can join me by clicking here and we can be Neobux PTC buddies. :-)

Wish me luck!