Are you looking for a legitimate online transcription job? Then you need to check out GoTranscript Read on for the full Gotranscript review.

Who Is GoTranscript?

GoTranscript (formerly called SpeechtoText) is a transcription company that was founded in 2005 in Edinburgh (UK).
They are a transcription and translation company boasting of high-end clients such as BBC, Netflix, Bose and more. The company accepts transcribers from all over the world and provides online transcription jobs for beginners.

Application Process

To become one of their transcribers, you need to register on their site right here. They state that you can earn as much as $1215 per month.

They pay up to $0.60 per audio/video minute.
You’ll have to pass an assessment test before you can gain access to live jobs.
After that, you’ll be redirected to transcribe an audio test that is a little under three minutes.
Once you have completed it, they will get back to you within two weeks, with further instructions on what to do.

Work Process

When choosing a job, you have the option of listening to it first, and you do this by clicking on the video icon that is at the end of every job post. If you feel the job is clear enough for you to work on, click on the Make My Job tab.

You can download the job and work offline using your transcription tool e.g. ExpressScribe or InqScribe. You may also choose to work online using their Transcription Tool (Beta).

GoTranscript’s TAT is awesome! 6 hours for a 10-minute audio file and 60 minutes to 3 hours for a five-minute or less audio. Should you need more time to transcribe, you can click on the ‘Extend Time’ icon.

This is particularly useful for newbies with a typing speed of less than 40wpm. Their online transcription tool saves your work every 30 seconds and thankfully, most of the basic formatting has been done for you.
It also opens a YouTube file where you can use the closed captions to guide you on what is inaudible/unintelligible.

Whenever new files are uploaded, transcribers are notified via email.
Another advantage of working at GoTranscript is that you can access the final edited transcript. This helps you to compare your document with the Editor’s, thus improving your efficiency.
This comparison goes a long way in helping you up your accuracy. The edited job can be retrieved under the Finished Jobs tab.
In addition to transcribing, you can also be an Editor – you’ll need to take the editor’s exam – and earn even more.
You must have done at least fifteen transcription jobs and maintained an average rating of 4.5 and above. Editors are paid between $12 to $50.
On March 2017, they introduced a bonus system for the Top 10 transcribers and editors. It ranges from $1-10 for transcribers and $2-20 for editors.
Just as in other transcription companies, GoTranscript will close your account if you constantly submit low-quality transcripts, regardless of whether you had any money in the account.
Note that you WILL NOT BE PAID for three recurring jobs that have been rated 3.4 and below. For this reason, choose files that you can comfortably transcribe and endeavor to produce only high-quality transcripts.

How Does GoTranscript Pay?

Gotranscript pays via Paypal and via Payoneer every Friday. (Read this post to apply for your Payoneer card)

Transcribers are only paid after their transcripts have been edited. They can request for payment on the STATS page.
Editors can request payment after submission of work.

Now, are you wondering if GT will be a good fit for you? If you’ve got good English, listening and typing skills, go ahead and sign up!
Let me know if it works out for you!