How to Make Money in GTA 5,offline story mode using LCN Stock Market without any cheat.


In this tutorial, I will tell you the complete process of getting money fast in GTA 5 story mode without any cheats. With these steps you can get money in GTA 5 fast and can do the process again and again to get massive amounts at any point in the game.

I have tested this process many time and at all points in the game (like beginning of story mode and after the mission The Big Score). But i recommend you to do this process after mission Fame and Shame when Trevor first move to Los Santos from Desert. After Fame or Shame mission you can control all three characters Michael,Franklin and Trevor and purchase properties in the game. At this point Michael would have money earned from mission Jewel Heist with more than 1 million, 400,000 plus to Franklin and around 150,000 to Trevor.

The process to make money is to use LCN Stock Market , buy any stock at low price and selling it in profit. But my tutorial will make you profit of 900% in 24 hours.After that you will be able to buy all weapons , garages and properties.


Keep following points in mind:


  • This process includes saving and loading your game many times.
  • While doing this process do not do any other mission or free roam in the city.
  • The LCN stock prices are between 4.0 and go up to 800 or 900 in story mode offline.
  • Whenever you open/load your game, Stock Market trends are set up. 
  • When game open it will make trends of all the stocks.Stock trend is shown in the graph at left side which shows you prices from the last week to current day. Game reopening will also randomly change price on your stock by advancing time.


Now we shall start with the process:


First step is to select a stock which you want to buy 

  1. With any character open LCN Stock Market site via internet and check all stock prices.
  2. Click on Current Price and sort stocks in ascending order according to its price(lower price to higher price)
  3. Check that stocks only which are not related to any main story mission(example LifeInvader stocks are related to main story mission,other example is of Merryweather stocks, do not buy these stocks)
  4. See the lowest price of the stock.If any stock value is less than 20.00 it is favourable to buy that stock as price increasing chances are higher as oppose to if a stock has current price of 800 and you buy it and expect it to go any higher.
  5. Other things while selecting stocks is to check the nature of the business of the stock.Click on any stock and in description you can read about what the business do in the game(like ClicknBell is Fast Food, TacoBomb is also fast food, some stocks are of bottled water, some sell cola,some airlines, some sell health insurance,some vehicle insurance )
  6. So my advice here is that among low prices stocks select only one low price stock which involves either Insurance to people or insurances to vehicles (because while doing this process you will not do any mission or free roams, you will only save your game or advance the time, so city will have less crime and these stocks have higher chance of going up)
  7. Finally purchase any stock that fits the above points with all your money of all the characters and write purchasing value in notepad to check later.(like in my example i purchased MorsMortalInsurance at the price of 11.72 with all three characters after last mission The Death Wish)
  8. After purchasing the stock switch to Trevor and go to safe house, bring up your character's mobile and save the game from mobile save game option(do not save the game when you make character sleep and advance time)
  9. As saving from mobile save option will save game at current position with the current prices of all the stocks you have.(if you make character sleep and save, the time will advance and stock prices may drop before saving), if you do not understand this no worry , remember that while earning money with stock market save your game only from mobile option not in safe house bed option.


Next step is to see when to save your game and when to advance time by Sleeping


  1. After saving game from mobile option. go to bed , sleep and advance time. With Trevor 12 hour time will be advanced(remember to only use Trevor for advancing time as he sleeps more than the other characters)
  2. Open LCN site after waking up and click on My Portfolio(wait upto 20 seconds as with trevor Prices will changes 2 times).
  3. You will see your stock current price , if the price in increased you will see positive return percentage meaning you are in profit, if the price is decresed you will be in loss.
  4. At this point you have to decide whether to save your game or advance time.
  5. If you see that Current Price is higher than when you purchased(price that stock was purchased and you write in notepad), close the internet and return to your game. Save your game from the mobile save game option. This will save game with the higher price.In notepad remove last price you written and write Current Price at which you saved game.Now only advance time by sleeping on bed.
  6. If you see Current price is decreased, do not save game, check if the value is not decreased by higher amount. advance time 12 hour by sleeping in bed without saving your game.if the value is dropped by very high amount, Exit or Quit your game without saving. wait 5 seconds and open your game again.
  7. Your character Trevor will be appeared in safe house where you saved last time and your stock value will be equal to last saved that you write in notepad(but trend may be changed).
  8. Now sleep Trevor in bed and advance time 12 hour(again without saving).
  9. Wake up and check your stock portfolio(wait 10 to 20 seconds to change stock price).See the stock Current Price after this time.
  10. Every time there will be three options for you here. Option A if the current price of stock is higher than you last saved/written in notepad. This means profit, close internet and game your game from mobile save option.Delete price written in notepad and write new price that must be higher than last time.After game saved you can advance time by sleeping in bed, and check price again when you wakeup(follow this point 10 again).
  11. Option B and C will mean Loss you need to check here if you want to quit game and reopen it or just advance time.Option B is price is decreased from last saved/or notepad price but price drop is not very high.which means that you can advance time by sleeping and checking prices after waking up.Here when you wakeup check stock prices again(follow point 10 again)
  12. Option C is loss but price is dropped by very high amount that you think cannot go up again or to go up will take longer time. This trend will mean that you should quit your game and reopen after 10 to 20 seconds. As reopening game will change the trends of the stocks.Reopen your Last Saved Game and follow point 10 again.
  13. Keep on checking your return percentage. at first the increase will be very low as the price of stock at purchasing was low. Wait for return percentage to go above 150,only then the increase in prices will be higher and after that point you will go to return percentage of like 900 in less time 


Positive and Negative Trends

In below picture a positive trend is shown i.e., price is increasing every day from last week. This trend will not last very long. There is high chance that the price will go down when you advance time.

In below picture a negative trend is shown i.e., price is decreasing every day from last week. This trend will not last very long. There is high chance that the price will go up when you advance time.

In below picture a mixed trend is shown i.e., one day price is increasing and next day price is decreasing.There is equal chances that the price will go up or down when you advance time.



By doing the above process, you will be advancing time by sleeping a lot. Saving your game when prices are increasing(so it will always mean profit). And Quitting game and reopening/reloading saved games when prices drops by higher amount.

Doing these steps, the return percentage will keep on increasing. If you do this step for one day you will get profit in millions.

Selling the stock is up to you that how much profit you want to take. If you get bored at any point and want to do some missions or free roams., you can sell at any point from all the characters.

Example you invested 1,200,000 with Michael, 800,000 with Franklin and 150,000 with Trevor in a stock that you purchased at 21.45 Price.

You followed my guide here for 2 hour ,after two hours price can easily be now above 35.00 and return percentage of more than 60. You decide to sell the stocks of all characters

That means 

Michael will get more than 1,920,000 that is profit of 720,000

Franklin will get more than 1,280,000 that is profit of 480,000

Trevor will get more than 240,000 that is profit of 90,000


These profits are very good in respect of amount as with these amount you can purchase all the weapons from AmmuNation at the start of the game.


I earned 900% Profit using these steps


I purchased MorsMortalInsurance at the price of 11.72 with all three characters after last mission The Death Wish

After all Lester Missions i had more than 400,000,000 (400 million) with all characters that i invested and made this guide.

Below are the pictures of the stock prices. I followed this guide for 7 to 8 hours. After the guide I had profit more than 4,000,000,000 (4 billion) with all characters, while the maximum money in game one can have is 2.47 billion.

Some other tips for offline stock market

Whenever you are doing any mission or free roam or driving (i.e., you are playing your game normally), do not invest in any stock as stock prices will not be guaranteed(except Lester Assassination Missions).

Only invest in stock market following this guide as here only higher prices are saved so profit is guaranteed every time.

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